Here are some items that can help with your process in choosing to focus on the SAT or ACT.

Use College Navigator to research scores for specific schools or to get an idea of the scores you’ll need for specific scores. The “Admissions” tab will drop down and show you the range for the middle 50% of scores.

We created this chart to quickly compare scores.

If you have an ACT and SAT from official tests, see where they intersect. If you find the point is in the red, your ACT score is better than your SAT score. Likewise, if the point is in the blue, your SAT score is better. We find that many of the students we work with find the two scores intersect in the darker area in the middle. When that’s the case, choose the test you felt more comfortable with or which you disliked less.

I love helping students navigate this confusing process. Please contact me with any questions.